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Bold artistry and passion displayed at Flint talent competition

Signal Boost offers young artists in Genesee County a chance to express visions of a better future

Signal Boost talent competition gives Flint youth a chance to shine

Meet the young performers competing for cash, connections

Signal Boost finalists compete for Champion title

Bleau McCray-Morel wins Signal Boost contest at Capitol Theatre

Two Flint artists win Signal Boost talent competition

New competition looking for Genesee County’s most talented young performers

New Talent Competition for Genesee County Youth aims to help artists empower their communities through poetry, music"

2 MCC alums are finalists in Flint Signal Boost

Artisan Designed Reusable Mask Company Teams Up With The Shop Floor Theatre Company

Shop Floor Theatre Company lets Flint kids create their stories FlintSide

Shop Floor Theatre Company Teams Up With mAsk The People to Inspire Young People to Wear Masks Broadway World

Shop Floor Theatre Company Breaks Down Social Barriers WBSF CW46

“Will you still love me?” | University Outreach 

UM-Flint International Students Tell Their Own Story on Stage and Film By ROBERT GOLD 

Putting on a show-Shop Floor Theatre

UM-Flint Faculty Bring Area Students Together in New Play

Genesee and Shiawassee Youth Invited Fenton

"Beecher students hope new video will shows "We Are Not Our Crime Rate" Jiquanda Johnson,

"Beecher High School students to debut self-produced music video" William E. Ketchum III, 

"Shop Floor Theatre Co. takes on bulling in latest project" Scott Atkinson,