Over the past four years, Shop Floor Theatre Company has broken down social barriers and dispelled preconceived notions by giving participants the power to tell their own stories and decide how their experiences are portrayed through art. These projects have created cultural bridges and conveyed a wider sense of understanding between disparate groups in Genesee County and Mid-Michigan.
After the premier of one of these projects, Immigrant U, domestic students raved about the peak into international students’ challenges, hopes and aspirations that were shown through live musical performances, skits about uncomfortable classroom or social situations and the showing of a student- produced documentary film. The audience members already felt that international students were an important part of the campus and helped provide broader learning opportunities to American students. But they also realized how brave the students were to study in a foreign country and having to navigate the different social rules such as dating norms across cultures. The production helped American students recognize there is a feeling of isolation for many international students. The larger goal of the documentary project is to instill cultural competence.

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Building Educational Bridges ~ Providing Expressive Opportunities

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After-School Creative Learning Program: Geared toward Youth Development as it pertains to identifying and working through barriers that adversely impact their attendance and participation at school and their decision making process.


Civic Capacity- Self Identity Residency: A 1-year Civic Capacity- Self-Identity workshop for male and female youth adolescents.

Immigrant U: “Immigrant U: An Original Play and documentary about the Experiences of International Students in American Universities.”

Tomorrow's Answer: Genesee and Shiawassee Counties Teen Summer Workshop: A 7-week summer program where of 24 Urban and Rural youth, ages 12-18, met 4 days a week, to explore (race, gender, drug abuse and suicide). 

Making It!: An original play; Inspired by the complexities of teenage life.This play was conceived and created by the students of the Tomorrow's Answer performing arts summer workshop.